Valuable Business background & Client driven

Years of experience in Retail Management, Site Acquisition and owning an International Distribution & Marketing Corporation (ISD Corporation) provides me the insight and understanding of what today’s businesses need to stay within budget, to locate successfully and to attract the right business partners to the table.

The decision to own or Lease can make or break your Company

In today’s economy, knowing the right location, negotiating the best terms for buyer or seller, landlord or tenant, can greatly impact your bottom line success. Changing local Zoning trends, Special Impact Fees, Goods delivery routing and future plans for abutting property can lead to opportunity or failure. Where’s the closest fiber line for High Speed internet commerce? Is there adequate water supply for manufacturing? Will you need a traffic Impact study completed? Which communities are offering tax and other incentives for business relocation? In today’s environment Commercial Real Estate goes well beyond bricks and Mortar.

Stay Focused on your Business while we handle your Real Estate

Because time and money are synonymous to success, you can focus on running your business while Mike and his Commercial Real Estate partners handle the heavy lifting of expanding, downsizing or locating your physical plant or store front.

Some of Mike’s clients include Aluminum Chambered Boats, Bellingham Housing Authority, Pioneer Storage Complex, Wise Enterprises, Homestead Northwest, Trillium Corporation, Janicki & others.